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大家热烈地赞同使用这种新型武器,在纽约市一次民意调查中,赞同比例一度高达 85%,而且有 23% 的受访者希望在日本投降前扔下更多的原子弹。

简单求证了一下,这篇 Horror of Limitless Freedom: The Moral Fallout of the Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 看起来是数据出处:

This observation was not an idle one: after the atomic bombings, a Fortune magazine poll found that 22.7% of Americans believed more bombs should have been dropped before Japan had a chance to surrender, while a NORC survey found that 23% would have liked to wipe out all of Japan's cities. More generally, public approval of the atomic bombings in 1945 stood at 85% according to Gallup, with only 10% disapproving. As of 2009, approval for the bombings was still at 61%, with consistently higher rates among Republicans, Protestants, Catholics, and evangelical Christians.